“I caught you mister…”

Did you know that your cabinets are home to wonderful treasures?!?!  Jay just found out and I was just made aware… maybe Daddy will realize now just how pressing the child-locks really are (hint, hint!!)

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again, but he really is a cute little trouble maker!

I love how Piper is looking away in this one- "if I can't see it, it isn't happening"

so thankful- day 1

Because Christmas decorations are already up in the stores, since the weather here is in the low 80’s, because the leaves are changing colors on the trees (ha- we live in Florida folks) and because we hope to enjoy time with family and stuff our bellies to capacity this week, it can only mean one thing- Thanksgiving is almost here!! And since we have been especially blessed this year we thought that we would take the week to tell you about a few things we are most thankful for. We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy it with those most dear to you…

Make sure to check on posts from the rest of the week too…

We are so thankful for our animals. They may drive us nuts sometimes but seriously our lives wouldn’t be complete without our furry family members!

so far

our weekend has been blissful…

Jamie and I went on a date, we’ve visited with Nicole (who’s in town from NC) with her boyfriend Jeremiah, went to the WP farmers market, put together Jamie’s new grill, played in the park after lunch, read in the hammock outside, played with Jay in the hammock after his nap, played in the dirt (Jay did), walked and played with the animals just to name a few things.  See I told you, blissful!

Enjoy the pics- I don’t have any from the farmers market since I forgot the memory card :-( I even made Jamie run back to the car to grab the (empty) camera- he carried a really nice shoulder accessory the whole time we were there.

warning: excessive amount of pictures below :-)

date night

One with the kiddo for good measure
grill assembly- we just need one of the finished product

one of the silly faces Jay has been making lately- "Oh!"

my guys

group shot- go figure Jay isn't looking and it's not really in focus...

shoulder ride!!
hammock time
curious little boy checking out the people on the bike path

"oh" face again

curious little boy checking it all out
playing with Piper after his bath- don't judge, it's funny...

the end :-) for now…

sick puppy update

Here’s the update on Piper (since I am sure you are all dying to know)…

I waited and waited to hear from the vet until I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to call and check on Piper.  When I talked to the vet they said that she had a very good day, that she hadn’t gotten sick and that she could come home whenever I wanted to pick her up.  They still aren’t really sure what caused her to get so sick but thought she was well enough to come home.  That was all I needed to hear; Jay and I headed over to pick her up as soon as he woke up from his nap.  After completing all the paperwork and putting her meds and special food in the car (she is eating something different for a few days until she is back at 100%) they brought her out from the back to us.  As soon as Jay saw her coming around the corner he started squealing and flapping his arms in delight (yup we are talking about my normally pretty serious in public child), apparently I wasn’t the only one that missed her.  It was so precious and of course caused me to tear up again…

We are all very happy to have her home, even Dolce gave her a few licks upon her return yesterday.  She has been a little more sleepy and snuggly than her usual excitable-self but that just means that I got to have a warm pillow yesterday while playing with Jay on the floor and I am not complaining one bit.  I am sure that she will be back to 100% in no time for which I am very, very thankful!

And because all posts are better with pictures here are a few that I took last week while Piper and Jay were playing on the floor. She really is so sweet to let him crawl all over her.

sharing toys
mid play kisses

which way should we go?
now is that a great puppy or what- I love how her forehead wrinkles a little because of Jay

sick puppy :-(

Yesterday while I was making dinner Piper got sick.  I’ll spare you the details but know that things came out both ends and both Jamie and I took her outside multiple times last night (which is really uncommon).  She wouldn’t eat her supper or drink much (also uncommon) but wasn’t vomiting when she went to bed so we (I) hoped that it had passed and we were in the clear.  Not so much, we woke up to the sound of her heaving at 6 am this morning :-(  So I just dropped her off at the vet for a day of observation and maybe some further testing.  She didn’t want me to leave and was pulling the tech so that she could come home with me- this broke my heart.  I think I cried for a good 10 minutes on the way home and again when talking to Jamie to give him the update.  Just praying that they call soon with a good report and let me come pick her up soon.

a picture from before we unloaded at the vets- doesn't Piper look extra pitiful?


Lately, I have been pretty bad at updating you all on our happenings; however, I have been pretty good at soaking up every ounce of cuteness that my little Jay bird is oozing right now.  I have been enjoying my time with him, our time as a family and the laughter that fills our house these days…

he's on the move (not full crawl yet) but still getting into "trouble"
although he has been making his fair share of messes he is happy to help clean up too
new favorite treat- an ice pop! those top teeth are really giving him trouble so the ice pop feels really great these days
peaking out to see the animals- little stinker
a not so sleepy little boy with a lopsided paci
what happens when Daddy feeds you...
playing with Piper and Daddy- Dolce looks on...
what Mommy and Daddy do at Home Depot for fun
more fun at home depot

in case you didn’t know

we still have three furry children that live in our house, they just don’t get as much face time on the blog as they used to. Doesn’t mean that we don’t love them as much as we did but we do take fewer pictures of them now.

Just so they don’t feel too neglected here are a few of them lately…

she's so pretty...
an advantage of having a baby in the house is having baby stuff to hide under :-)

sneaking in some cuddle time with Dad

Piper making good use of a vacated blanket

a boy and his dog

I couldn’t wait to post these pictures- aren’t they too sweet?  I was cleaning up after Dolce this morning (yuck) and left Jay on the carpet about a foot away from Piper and two feet away from me so I could use both hands and when I turned around he had scooted his way over to play with her.  Jay loves all of the animals in our house and looks for them frequently; especially in the places where he knows that they should be- Piper on her mats or in front of a sliding glass window or the kitties in their basket.  We have been really blessed that all of the animals are really good with him; they stop long enough for a sniff or a lick and then go about their way.  This morning Piper was especially sweet with Jay, letting him play with her nose and not budging so he could scoot close enough to touch her.

Piper kisses
I promise the smile on his face was huge two seconds after this grimace
I know Piper isn't in focus but I love this picture anyway