sick puppy :-(

Yesterday while I was making dinner Piper got sick.  I’ll spare you the details but know that things came out both ends and both Jamie and I took her outside multiple times last night (which is really uncommon).  She wouldn’t eat her supper or drink much (also uncommon) but wasn’t vomiting when she went to bed so we (I) hoped that it had passed and we were in the clear.  Not so much, we woke up to the sound of her heaving at 6 am this morning :-(  So I just dropped her off at the vet for a day of observation and maybe some further testing.  She didn’t want me to leave and was pulling the tech so that she could come home with me- this broke my heart.  I think I cried for a good 10 minutes on the way home and again when talking to Jamie to give him the update.  Just praying that they call soon with a good report and let me come pick her up soon.

a picture from before we unloaded at the vets- doesn't Piper look extra pitiful?

4 thoughts on “sick puppy :-(

  1. It is so sad to leave our pets at the vet. WE know that what we are doing is in their best interest, but all they know is that we are leaving them with strangers. I certainly hope that Piper will be well and home very soon!


  2. oh no!!!!! i’m the biggest dog lover who ever lived and nothing breaks my heart more than a sick one!!!!
    hoping piper feels better soon!!!! what a beautiful dog she is…


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