so far

our weekend has been blissful…

Jamie and I went on a date, we’ve visited with Nicole (who’s in town from NC) with her boyfriend Jeremiah, went to the WP farmers market, put together Jamie’s new grill, played in the park after lunch, read in the hammock outside, played with Jay in the hammock after his nap, played in the dirt (Jay did), walked and played with the animals just to name a few things.  See I told you, blissful!

Enjoy the pics- I don’t have any from the farmers market since I forgot the memory card :-( I even made Jamie run back to the car to grab the (empty) camera- he carried a really nice shoulder accessory the whole time we were there.

warning: excessive amount of pictures below :-)

date night

One with the kiddo for good measure
grill assembly- we just need one of the finished product

one of the silly faces Jay has been making lately- "Oh!"

my guys

group shot- go figure Jay isn't looking and it's not really in focus...

shoulder ride!!
hammock time
curious little boy checking out the people on the bike path

"oh" face again

curious little boy checking it all out
playing with Piper after his bath- don't judge, it's funny...

the end :-) for now…

3 thoughts on “so far

  1. These pictures are so wonderful! I love them! Kristen, you look SO good in them! Ya’ll look so happy! …I know it’s because you are! :) yay!


  2. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of family time!! Just missing our sweet Holly Ann, but she had to help pull the Seminoles through to another victory! Enjoyed all the great pictures and looking forward to the next round from the weekend!


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