Lately, I have been pretty bad at updating you all on our happenings; however, I have been pretty good at soaking up every ounce of cuteness that my little Jay bird is oozing right now.  I have been enjoying my time with him, our time as a family and the laughter that fills our house these days…

he's on the move (not full crawl yet) but still getting into "trouble"
although he has been making his fair share of messes he is happy to help clean up too
new favorite treat- an ice pop! those top teeth are really giving him trouble so the ice pop feels really great these days
peaking out to see the animals- little stinker
a not so sleepy little boy with a lopsided paci
what happens when Daddy feeds you...
playing with Piper and Daddy- Dolce looks on...
what Mommy and Daddy do at Home Depot for fun
more fun at home depot

3 thoughts on “lately…

  1. Love the pictures!!! He is adorable! The first picture reminds me of one I have of Jamie sitting in front of a bookcase with books on the floor all around him. I’ll show it to you the next time you’re over :-)


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