sick puppy update

Here’s the update on Piper (since I am sure you are all dying to know)…

I waited and waited to hear from the vet until I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to call and check on Piper.  When I talked to the vet they said that she had a very good day, that she hadn’t gotten sick and that she could come home whenever I wanted to pick her up.  They still aren’t really sure what caused her to get so sick but thought she was well enough to come home.  That was all I needed to hear; Jay and I headed over to pick her up as soon as he woke up from his nap.  After completing all the paperwork and putting her meds and special food in the car (she is eating something different for a few days until she is back at 100%) they brought her out from the back to us.  As soon as Jay saw her coming around the corner he started squealing and flapping his arms in delight (yup we are talking about my normally pretty serious in public child), apparently I wasn’t the only one that missed her.  It was so precious and of course caused me to tear up again…

We are all very happy to have her home, even Dolce gave her a few licks upon her return yesterday.  She has been a little more sleepy and snuggly than her usual excitable-self but that just means that I got to have a warm pillow yesterday while playing with Jay on the floor and I am not complaining one bit.  I am sure that she will be back to 100% in no time for which I am very, very thankful!

And because all posts are better with pictures here are a few that I took last week while Piper and Jay were playing on the floor. She really is so sweet to let him crawl all over her.

sharing toys
mid play kisses

which way should we go?
now is that a great puppy or what- I love how her forehead wrinkles a little because of Jay

2 thoughts on “sick puppy update

  1. aw!!!! kinda makes me want to cry! so glad she seems to be feeling better. what a pretty dog she is. don’t you love how big dogs seem to know how they’re supposed to act around kids? precious.


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