a boy and his dog

I couldn’t wait to post these pictures- aren’t they too sweet?  I was cleaning up after Dolce this morning (yuck) and left Jay on the carpet about a foot away from Piper and two feet away from me so I could use both hands and when I turned around he had scooted his way over to play with her.  Jay loves all of the animals in our house and looks for them frequently; especially in the places where he knows that they should be- Piper on her mats or in front of a sliding glass window or the kitties in their basket.  We have been really blessed that all of the animals are really good with him; they stop long enough for a sniff or a lick and then go about their way.  This morning Piper was especially sweet with Jay, letting him play with her nose and not budging so he could scoot close enough to touch her.

Piper kisses
I promise the smile on his face was huge two seconds after this grimace
I know Piper isn't in focus but I love this picture anyway

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