sunday fun day

If you thought Saturday looked like fun you should be jealous of our Sunday.  To top off our weekend, Jamie, Jay and I spent the majority of our day at Mimi and Pepere’s house hanging out with Aunt Nicole, doing a little bit of swinging, watching Jeremiah cook and filling our bellies with the most delicious food!  Did I mention that Jeremiah is a chef?  Well he is and he’s a darn good one; I think all of us could have been rolled straight from the table to bed that night!  It was such a wonderful (food coma inducing) day filled with family and laughter, and seriously, nothing tops that!

Yesterday, after going through the half gazillion pictures I took (a lot of which were food pictures- btw, I am more of a people-picture-taker than a food photographer but it was fun to try something new) I played around with aperture for a while.  Enjoy a storyboard of sorts from our Sunday…

more from Terra Ceia

Time has honestly been getting away from me lately. Other than the usual maintenance of the house (laundry, vacuuming- so Jay isn’t consumed by animal fur, groceries etc) I am not sure where most of my time goes these days. It seems like I wake up, blink and it’s time for bed again. Which is probably why I can’t believe that Jay is 8 months old but that is a whole other post in itself. I guess all I am trying to do is make excuses for why these pictures weren’t posted sooner.  Oh well, I have been enjoying Jay and my family lately- and that’s all the excuse I need.  Enjoy, we certainly did!

Jay hanging out with Great Grandpa and Daddy on the dock
the mighty fisherman
cool guy
dinner- yum!
tractor fun
guys of all ages like the tractor
enjoying some time with my little guy on the front porch
obligatory group shot

so excited to have visited Terra Ceia
official picture by the sign
Jay and Mommy on the dock at dusk
loving some dock time
trying to freak Mommy out on the dock
Daddy and Jay on the dock


Jamie and I decided to bite the bullet and head down to Terra Ceia for Jay’s first overnight trip this weekend.  I was nervous about making the trip and I am sure I packed way more than we actually need to have here but all I can say is that it has been bliss!  The ride down went far better than either one of us could have hoped and we have all loved getting away.  There are a ton of new things for Jay to check out including his first trip out on the dock and first time “fishing” with Pepere and Daddy .  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as we are…

Warning: there are excessive amount of pictures to come.  It was, after all, Jay’s first trip to Terra Ceia which is huge and needed to be well documented (and this is only pictures from the first day)…

watching Pepere fish
fishie, fishie
love, love, love this one!!
hanging out on the dock
not a stellar picture but you can see two of Jay's three teeth in it and aside from that take a look at those lashes!
loving hanging out on the dock!!
fishing with a pole
Daddy and Pepere fishing Jay's hat out of the water- opps!

three generations of fishermen

hanging out with Pepere

I have a ton of pictures to post (I have taken so many lately and am trying to play catch up after battling off my cold) but Jamie and I need to head to bed early tonight. We have stayed up way too late the past few nights and it is catching up with us, so I am going to make this short and sweet…  this is a picture of Jay’s first shoulder ride.  He loved being up on Pepere’s shoulders and I don’t think that Pepere is missing too many hairs from the experience- Jay has really got a grip on him now!

Enjoy, there will be more to come!

a preview

from our weekend…

I didn’t get to take too many pictures this weekend when Jay was being baptized but I did pull out my camera and grabbed a few while Mimi, Pepere and Daddy were dressing him in the family gown.  I am so glad that I did because I think that this may be one of my favorites from the day.  I will post more from this wonderful day soon!

a man and his truck- it’s a beautiful thing

This has been a long time coming, the day that my father-in-law purchased a new truck.  Although it looks very similar to the old one (at least to me a girl and non-connoisseur of vehicles) I am sure it is so much cooler.  Actually I promise that it is cooler, seriously I have been told this by both my hubby and father-in-law.  I feel it only appropriate to grunt and make “man” noises before actually unveiling this beauty so pardon me- ugh, ugh- roarrrr…

And now…

the new (left) and the old (right)