a man and his truck- it’s a beautiful thing

This has been a long time coming, the day that my father-in-law purchased a new truck.  Although it looks very similar to the old one (at least to me a girl and non-connoisseur of vehicles) I am sure it is so much cooler.  Actually I promise that it is cooler, seriously I have been told this by both my hubby and father-in-law.  I feel it only appropriate to grunt and make “man” noises before actually unveiling this beauty so pardon me- ugh, ugh- roarrrr…

And now…

the new (left) and the old (right)

One thought on “a man and his truck- it’s a beautiful thing

  1. Good bye old and faithful truck of 12 years. We will miss you and hope that your replacement will be just as loyal and trustworthy!! heehee


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