sunday fun day

If you thought Saturday looked like fun you should be jealous of our Sunday.  To top off our weekend, Jamie, Jay and I spent the majority of our day at Mimi and Pepere’s house hanging out with Aunt Nicole, doing a little bit of swinging, watching Jeremiah cook and filling our bellies with the most delicious food!  Did I mention that Jeremiah is a chef?  Well he is and he’s a darn good one; I think all of us could have been rolled straight from the table to bed that night!  It was such a wonderful (food coma inducing) day filled with family and laughter, and seriously, nothing tops that!

Yesterday, after going through the half gazillion pictures I took (a lot of which were food pictures- btw, I am more of a people-picture-taker than a food photographer but it was fun to try something new) I played around with aperture for a while.  Enjoy a storyboard of sorts from our Sunday…

4 thoughts on “sunday fun day

  1. Wowser! Those pictures are amazing. The food pictures look straight out of a magazine. Thank you so much for posting so quickly. I miss you guys already. See you soon (but not soon enough)


  2. Thanks Mimi, Nicole and Jeremiah- I had fun taking the pictures and was happy that I could get to them so soon (I am working on client stuff now!)

    Nan- isn’t it though!! It tasted just as good as it looked, if not better :-)


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