Okay, I don’t know if this is exceptional or not BUT he’s my kid so it’s my job to brag.  Jay can identify/name (not sure what it’s called at this age) any turtle (totule) and star (stah) that he sees without being prompted.  He also knows the sounds that kitties and puppies make and makes them when he sees photos of them without being prompted. We are working on other shapes and animals sounds but it still amazes me at how much he already knows!  Love this kiddo!

I mean these aren’t all his tricks, that’s for sure, but identifying shapes and he’s not even a year and a half old!  I think that’s pretty impressive!

Here’s a few photos of our genius-in-the-making from our park trip this morning.  I let him climb the steps and slide down the medium slide on his own today- he couldn’t have been more thrilled with himself!

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