park time with daddy

In the fall I was swamped with client photos- I had the almost every weekend and sometimes both days of the weekend booked.  It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I did hate that it took away from some of our weekend family time.  Either way it happened and I was busy which made it nice that the boys could join me on a location scouting trip.  We made a night out of it- had a picnic in the park, ran around and ended up playing at the playground until the sun went down.  Both Jay and Charlie have really started to love going to the park and up until this point Charlie had really only been on the swings; however, since Daddy was there he helped with the slide a few times and Charlie LOVED it.

picnic-ing in the park


riding the slide

more slide fun

such a big boy

slide races

slide races

slide races

race you to the top!

slide races

sliding with Jay

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