pick your battles

“Mommy I am cold, I need my jacket!” Umm, in Florida, in the summer- impossible! However, these days I choose my battles very wisely and this my friends is not one of them that I am willing to fight, so jacket it is. He will get warm soon enough and want to take it off and at that point I will gladly help him take it off, just as I gladly helped him zip it up and put the hood on ;)

Please excuse the phone photos but Jay and his cold self weren’t that interested in sitting still for Mommy’s big camera.

As a side note, we don’t usually let him play many games on my phone or watch many movies although I have lately let him play the app Trucks, which is what he is doing in these next two photos, and he is slightly obsessed with it. Honestly, if you have a small boy around you should look into it- you can tow the cars to the shop to fix their tires, you can get the cars dirty and then take them through a carwash, they can dig and dump dirt at a construction site. Definetly worth the $1.99 we paid for it. And in case you were wondering, which I am sure you were, I do in fact LOVE his little crossed toes in these photos ;)

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