a puzzle kind of morning

Most mornings Jay and I get a fairly good chunk of time all to ourselves while Charlie naps. Sometimes I use this time to accomplish chores/ things around the house that are difficult to do while Charlie is awake, like folding laundry- Charlie is the best laundry un-folder there is right now; however, on mornings like today, I just sit and give my undivided attention to Jay Bird. Not surprisingly, these are usually our best days and the days that I find myself in awe of him; this morning was no exception.

Recently, I have been wanting a few more challenges for our little bird (he has gotten counting to 16 down, colors are no problem, most shapes are a breeze, his coloring is getting really good and deliberate, we’re working on letters…) so I borrowed a few more difficult puzzles from my Mom’s classroom. He took to (and enjoyed) those puzzles pretty well so this morning I decided to pull out a much larger one that has been hiding in the depths of his closet waiting for just the right time to come out and play. It was a hit and I had so much fun working it with him. I love the pure focus that he is able to devote to tasks and the concentration face that he uses when he is focusing. It’s times like these, among many others, that I see so much of Jamie in him.

happy I am finished dance :)

the finished puzzle- it’s cool isn’t?

one super proud little puzzle maker

2 thoughts on “a puzzle kind of morning

  1. Incredibly adorable. But I am also incredibly jealous! Jones will not sit still for two seconds, let alone do a whole puzzle! What a smart little man you have!


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