happy friday

I don’t have my photos together for my Friday phone dump…

AND I am hoping to get to bed before 2am, since that bedtime has been more common these days I care to admit… I have in some moment of insanity decided to repaint a good portion of our house.  I know, nesting should take place before the baby is born, not after.  Oh well, progress is being made and I LOVE the results!!  I promise to post photos of it at some point; however, I do not promise that they will be posted soon ;)

All that to say, sorry I haven’t been around much this week.  Here’s a few photos of my bird to tide you over for a few days.  Honestly, this kiddo had been keeping me on my toes these days- in both good and bad ways.  He is full of life, full of trouble and such a pure joy to be around.  I found myself staring at him in wonder a few times today- man, oh man am I one lucky ducky!!

The view I found when I rounded the corner into the kitchen after changing Charlie’s diaper.  When he finally noticed me he looked at me and said “hey Mommy, what you doing?”  I think the better question is what are you doing my friend :)

my goofball posing for the camera
and one from later in the day of an age-appropriate child using it too


One thought on “happy friday

  1. I can’t sleep tonight (it is 3:24am) so i got up and came in the computer room to check my e-mail.. After seeing these pictures of Jay Bird and Charlie Tuna i’ll now be able to go back to bed and with a smile on my face get to sleep.. great grandpa Vickers


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