a guys’ weekend

This past weekend, I (Jamie) spent a few days away with extended family. Although not restricted to just my male family members, it somehow turned out that way. I guess none of the women thought that 2+ days of nothing but fishing intermixed with food and drink was appealing. Either that or they don’t enjoy sharing their days with gnats, mosquitoes, yellow flies and no-see-ums. The 10 of us that went had a blast, caught a ton of fish, ate like kings, played countless rounds of pool and generally just enjoyed the company. Below are selected photos from the long weekend. I apologize for not getting pictures of everyone; I blame the fish for distracting me from the camera.

sun, surf and sand

While Jamie is out of town fishing with the guys Jay and I took a trip to the beach with Mom.  I can’t remember the last time I packed up and headed to the beach, maybe it was college?  Either way, the last trip I took consisted of a bunch of reading and beach dozing.  It definitely didn’t include the shear amount of sandcastle building that this trip did but I am pretty sure that I prefer it this way.  It was Jay’s first trip to see the sand and surf and while he wasn’t too sure of the waves and his sinking feet at first he really warmed up to it and had a grand time.  So much so that he didn’t even make it 5 minutes on the car ride home before passing out.

It was fun but man am I ready for bed now too!

not so sure of his sinking feet and the waves
getting knocked over by the small wave didn't help much
more toes
not a great one of the two of us but it was super bright and it's not easy to use my massive camera
lovin' it now
sand, sand everywhere
"please" more beach
building "sandcastles" with Grandma
a regular beach bun now



Every now and then a good dose of perspective is so needed.  I will be the first to admit that I have been overwhelmed lately; well actually if you ask my husband overwhelmed may not even begin to cover it.  My heart has been heavy; partly due to the hormones and stress that comes along with pregnancy, partly because I have had a whole lot of things to do and not nearly enough time to do them all and partly because, most simply put, the dull and the mundane of our everyday has gotten to me a bit.

This past week, I have heard of two different families both struggling with loss.  One family is struggling with the loss of a father, a father of six, who was killed in a senseless shooting. The other is grieving the loss of a child, a baby rather, that they didn’t even get the chance to know.  It’s funny how perspective changes in the blink of an eye.  Those worries, those things that were weighing me down for the last little bit are easily the things I most cherish.  I love our silly and mundane, I love that we have a “normal”.  I love that my kiddo has tears that I can wipe away and cuddle until things seem better because most simply put that means he’s here and in my life.

So while my heart is still heavy and my prayers are with those families that are hurting I can’t help but count my endless blessings and be thankful for how very full my life is.  Hold those that you love just a little closer tonight, tell them that you love them and look around to cherish the simple joys that surround you each and everyday.

you will be missed

Today is bitter sweet day for the Knight family is moving home to Mississippi and while I am so excited for them and everything that this move means for their family I hate, hate, hate to see them go…

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when Nan called me 4.5 years ago to tell me that they were venturing down to Florida- I was so happy that they were going to be close and it has been so wonderful to have them here!  I’ve loved watching our families grow together and am not sure that I would have made it through having a newborn without her advice and shoulder to lean on.  And while I am thrilled at all of the opportunities this move will allow them, I just wish Hattiesburg wasn’t so far away!  I guess a trip back to the ‘burg will be in my future soon!

Good Luck Nan, Jeremy and Leyton!!  I love you friends and know that you will be so, so missed!

one of the boys from our last visit together- they may not be smiling but it's pretty good considering that it was close to bedtime and they are both at least looking!
goodbye hugs all around
I know it's a little blurry (it was really late and the light was low) but this melts my heart... hugs and kisses for dear friends

why we’ve been gone…

Please excuse the lack of blogging lately, this little one (also excuse the iPhone photo, I haven’t been able to scan the ultrasounds yet) has been keeping me pretty darn busy lately!!  Honestly, I have been pretty lucky with both of my pregnancies and haven’t had much in the way of morning sickness.  However, between chasing after Jay Bird (who is happily in full on toddler mode) and this one growing organs etc it’s wonder how I don’t pass out in my dinner every night…

Either way, there is light at the end of the tunnel since we have official passed into the second trimester and I have hope that my energy will be returning soon!  Keep your fingers crossed for me ;-)  Also, for those of you that are wondering the ultrasound is from our 12 week appointment, last Wednesday.  We got a great report on our new little bean- everything looks super healthy, the heartbeat is strong- yea for good news!! Little baby has it’s back facing up in the photo (the bright white you can see is it’s spine) and you can also see a little bit of a profile, the top part of the leg and the blob in the middle is a hand.  If you can’t see it you’ll have to trust me or try squinting a little…

Will try to check back in again soon…

a very special book to share

It’s no secret around here that our little Jay Bird loves a good book.  He will crawl up into almost anyone’s lap, book in hand and sign “please” practically begging you to read to him.  I challenge you to try and say no to his sweet little face; I simply don’t think it’s possible.

A little more than a month ago I ordered a very special book for Jay to share with all of our friends and family.  Little by little, he crawled into each of their laps and had them read to him.  Why is this book, “Things I Love…” so special you ask? Well, the end of this book marks a very exciting beginning for our family…

It reads…

But while I have loved being the number one son,

I know being a BIG BROTHER will be much more fun!!

Baby #2 due Thanksgiving 2011!!!!!!

Jamie , Jay and I are so very excited to share that this Thanksgiving we will have one more thing to be grateful for- a brand new baby, a fourth member of our family!!

And while we weren’t able to tell everyone in person I did have my camera out when we did and here are some of their reactions.  They weren’t as shocked as the ones we had when we told them about Jay but they were fun to get on camera just the same!

tub time

The trains are by far Jay’s favorite part of bath time these days.  He and Daddy “drive” them all around the edge of the tub over and over again.  Seriously, with every trek across there is squeals and splashes of excitement.