So I was finally able to finish sending out Jay’s birth announcements last week. I feel horrible about not getting them out sooner- people will understand right? At least I hope they will. I mean when you just have a baby you don’t have time to address a ton (yup, there were a ton) of envelopes and then run to the post office. I am crossing my fingers that we have understanding family and friends.

My dear, dear and talented friend Nan designed the announcements for us and they turned out fabulously! She made two for us to choose from but since I couldn’t choose we ordered some of each- love, love, love them!

Here are some other pictures from that shoot that I love. It’s so hard to believe that he was this tiny once, where did my tiny baby go? Btw- Jay was 7 days old in these pictures.

a little view into what Jay sees, a lot!

P.S. The beautiful blanket that we used in these pictures was made by Jay’s very talented Mimi :-)

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