green eyes…

I haven’t gotten a chance to post these adorable squishy pics of Jay that I took a few weeks ago.  I love, love, love them- every time I see them they make me smile!!!  We (I) was just playing around with our 50mm lens during the afternoon (I opened up all of the blinds to let the sunshine in) and what I discovered was Jay Bird’s green eyes!  His eyes are most definitely shaped like his Daddy’s but they are getting greener by the day- check out the last one for proof of where he gets them from :-)

Sorry for the overload of pics, I couldn’t just pick one or two of the naked squishy baby pics :-)

silly boy- Daddy's favorite from the day :-)

not a great self-portrait but maybe you can tell where he got his eye color from in this one :-)

3 thoughts on “green eyes…

  1. Love the new pictures. I’ve been checking your blog all day to see if there were any new ones and I was finally rewarded with these green eyed baby pictures :-)


  2. I changed my desktop to the one that is “Jamie’s favorite”. It makes me giggle everytime I turn on my computer. Love you!


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