i am a geek

A baking geek (and a photo geek) but a geek never the less.  I absolutely love to bake!!  I love the kitchen smelling of fresh ________, (fill in the blank here), I love recipes, I love giving away what I make, I love trying new things. However, if you have ever met my hubby you will know that he does not have a sweet tooth unless the “sweet” is in the form of bread or muffins.  From time to time the lack of an audience can be problematic but I usually can find someone to take the baked goods off of our hands…

That all being said this past Sunday was a very nice treat for me- I got to spend some time in the kitchen!  Jamie went to the grocery store with me in the early afternoon (also a nice treat) and then watched Jay- such a sweet man, so I could bake.  His reward?? Fresh, from scratch wheat bread!  I had a ton of fun making, kneeding it, watching it rise and double in size, then rolling it and twisting it into fun bun shapes!  Besides nothing beats the smell of fresh bread in your house…

I took a few pictures of the process, I am not a step by step picture taking baker (I get caught up and forget). So sorry- but you’ll get the idea…

the dough after it had risen for the first time
punching down the dough- I had to look up what that meant :-)
the dough rolled into clover shaped buns
after the second rising
baked and yummy looking

The next one is not baking but rather Jamie’s contribution to our Sunday dinner.  He though that it was a pretty funny contrast between the two things; mine was delicate freshly made bread and his was two slabs of meat… so I took a picture of it- here you go dear.

btw- his contribution was very yummy!

The bread recipe was from the blog Frugal Girl.  Check it out some time if you get a chance she has some good stuff on there.  Just in case you are wondering 2 dozen rolls were baked on Sunday and two rolls are left- I told you he doesn’t have a sweet tooth but bread doesn’t stand a chance around here!

2 thoughts on “i am a geek

  1. The rolls were delicious!! Thanks for sharing! You forgot to mention the home made ice cream and cupcakes that you also made that day! We love eating what you bake!!


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