My head is spinning from everything that has been going on lately. I promise I will catch you all up soon when my computer returns to me- it has been on the fritz now going on two weeks. I am hoping we are on the home stretch and that it will be back in my hands and in working order soon; it had to be shipped to the the chief Mac doctor (Mac headquarters) and I don’t know when it will be back- sad face…

I will try to “steal” a few minutes on Jamie’s machine to post a little bit about my sweet 11 month old (yup you read that correctly 11 months old- yeow!); however I will make no promises ;)

Until then or shall I say, until next time here’s a few phone photos of us literally spinning- the boys love it ;)

notice the teeth below, they are coming in quickly now…

notice the gap and missing tooth below, yup we are down one tooth here- details later…

3 thoughts on “spinning

  1. I heard about Jay’s accident, and I am so sorry that he had to go through it all. I can imagine how difficult it has been for you and Jamie. Being a parent takes you on so many different adventures. I’m sure he will recover nicely. It was good that you had a plastic surgeon to repair his lip, and the advice of a dentist to allay your fears. Kids are tough.


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