friday from the phone

just a peak at our Friday cause I have it ;)

what I came in to find after walking Daddy out to the car in the morning… when I asked Jay what he was doing he mater of factly told me that he was watching baby Charlie (Charlie was in his bouncer on the floor in the kitchen)

drinking from a big boy cup

even with Super Jay riding along we didn’t get in and out of publix in under an hour… honestly, the only thing that would make me happier than the public cape appearances is if he had a pair of rain boots too :)

happy baby

what Jay’s bed usually looks like in the morning and after naps… not sure how he sleeps with all of that stuff in it

not a super happy baby- his acid reflux is bothering him still and he’s getting teeth to boot!

my view is pretty sweet though…

supper prep- look here for the super delicious recipe

after supper outside playtime

3 thoughts on “friday from the phone

  1. I thought that food photo looked like Jeremiah’s recipe and it was. I love the variety he adds to our dinners :) Thanks for sharing your Friday photos.


  2. These photos look really great!!! I love getting to keep up with your “youngins”, they are just precious! Thanks for the plug, I hope you enjoyed the pasta bake!


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