more from Canada- the zoo

I know that it’s probably a little late to still be posting photographs from our Cananda trip. Especially since we have been home now for over two months; but I still have a few that I really want to share so hang in there- ok?

One of my favorite things that we did while in Calgary was go to the zoo. It’s a wonderful zoo with all kinds of animals and Jay LOVED it! It has fun kid parks, really amazing animals and Jay got to take his first ever carousel ride (which he loved). Jamie and I really enjoyed it as well, it honestly makes me jealous of Jacksonville and their zoo… By the way my personal favorite animal was the giraffe. I seriously could have stood there all day long and been pleased as punch, it might have been the playful baby that was bouncing around their area chasing birds or just that they are so majestic looking- I am not really sure but I was like a kid in a candy store and even requested we stop one more time before leaving the zoo just to see them again.

Jay using the information station as a phone- I love his expression in this photo, it is just so him right now
the baby :)
isn't it cool how close we were able to get to them?!?
we were so close- I didn't have a huge zoom lens on to take this photo
Jay loved them too
the zoo crew aside from Jamie and Auntie Marilyn who were taking the photos
Jay and Bradey, fast friends- love this one :)

Jay playing with my Auntie Deb at the park
he loved these bouncy things at the park
big kitties
a rare photo of just the two of us

Jay playing on the hill outside the place where we had lunch. He loved playing on the hills and running down them, something that we don't get to do in Florida too often.
running down the hill

fun at the park
group shot by the giraffes