a new room for a new boy

It’s no secret that I like to decorate and change things up around our house. So after almost 4 years of living with the nursery the way it was I was ready for a change. I didn’t do anything drastic, just made some updates to things that I haven’t always loved and I spent less than $50 doing it (and most of that was used to purchase fabric etc for Luc’s quilt)!

I decorated the nursery before we had Jay and it had looked pretty much the same since; feel free to take a gander at the old nursery post here if you are interested. The fish theme was nice but I was ready for something a little lighter and I really wanted to change the window treatment. We didn’t have the toy chest below the window when I decided on black out curtains and since the panels were long and had to be behind the toys chest it was a pain to get them open and closed and I rarely opened them. Now with the fake roman shade I open them frequently to get the natural light in the room  and I LOVE it.

Here are few of the before photos, sorry they aren’t super great but you get the idea…

nursery- before

nursery- before

nursery- before

And the updates…
nursery- after

nursery- after

nursery- after

one with the roman shade closed

Here’s a few of the details in case you are interested:
Roman Shade- I used a pintrest tutorial to make the fake roman shade; although the measurements/directions were really off on the tutorial so I am not going to link to it. Basically, I took an old set of mini blinds (I got them from my Mom for free- thanks Mom!) and pulled them apart to so I just had a few of the actual metal pieces and the skeleton for the shade and the cord. I used a piece of blackout material from the original curtain panels and sewed it to the teal fabric and then glued it all together.
Window Topper- It is made out of foam core board and then covered with batting and then fabric. My mom gifted me the fabric (thanks again Mom!) and I already had the board and batting so it didn’t cost us anything.
Fabric- I used Michael Millers Backyard Baby for everything aside from the teal on the roman shade which is Moda Solids Ice. The Backyard Baby line is a little harder to find these days since it has been out for a while but I loved it so I searched until I found it. The fabric was used to make Luc’s quilt and then I used the scraps to make: a pillow cover (we already had the pillow), the bunting (I used ribbon that we already had), to cover a canvas that is hanging above the dresser and to put in the frame above the chair.
Teal Mirror- This mirror was black and originally hanging in our foyer. I used some teal paint from when we painted the house (I think it’s the same color we used in the hallways) and then hung it alongside a frame I already had and the fabric covered canvas. The frame has this adorable Katie Daisy print in it, saying “We are all Magnificent Creatures” it which I love!


We were in rare form this past Easter- Charlie was teething really badly and Jay, Charlie and I were also battling a terrible cold (thankfully Jamie never got it). So despite all of the photos that I took we didn’t walk away with a fabulous picture perfect family photo, oh well- this is us Easter 2013 grumpy and all.

best shot of the boys and Dad

best one of just the boys

me and my little boys- all three of them!

me with grumpy Charlie



my boys


my sweet boys

sweet smiles

the bird

3 of a kind

I suppose it’s about time that we made official announcements around here…

it's a boy!

In August/July we will be adding another brother to the mix!! I had my 20 week ultrasound last Friday and Jamie and I were thrilled to see a happy (yes this is an assumption but how could he not be?) and very healthy little boy growing away. I can’t imagine how crazy things are going to be around here in the coming months; however, I also can’t imagine my heart feeling more full!

Our “it’s a boy” announcement photos didn’t exactly go as planned (the blue balloon I got was popped 30 seconds after it was handed to Jay and I didn’t get a single photo of it) but I guess that’s what I get for planning anything in the first place. This is our reality these days- a house full of busy, busy boys who don’t want to sit still for photos. Thanks Daddy for helping to get one where everyone is at least looking.

it's a boy!

and some outtakes because they make me smile-
it's a boy

Charlie just wanted out of there

and we're done

at least one of them is smiling

and a peek (please excuse the iPhone photo of the ultrasound) at our sweet little guy, I think he just might have the same nose as his brothers ;)
sweet little boy!

p.s. Thanks Aunt Holly (the Great) for the post title ;) What really could be better than three of a kind?!

“we have two babies”

If you ask my little Jay Bird these days he will joyfully announce that we have TWO babies!!! Which is true, in a sense; we are very excited and blessed to announce that baby number 3 is baking and that we are anxiously and excitedly waiting for his or her arrival in late July or early August. However, let me clarify for a few of you before any rumors start flying… yes we are expecting number 3 but not number 4 just yet, no twins for us ;)  Jay counts both Charlie and baby #3 in his “two babies” count- sweet boy!  Also, to cover a few questions that I know you have (we have already gotten them many times) so you don’t have to go to the trouble of asking…

-Yes, we know what we are doing.

-No, this baby was not a surprise but rather a very exciting planned (well as planned as babies go) event.

-Yes, this does mean we will have 3 kiddos ages 3 1/2 and under.

-Yes, our house will be crazy… crazy full of LOVE!

-No, we did not do anything to try for a girl.  While we would be thrilled to add a little pink to our lives we are just thrilled to add a perfectly happy and healthy little person to our family, regardless of gender.

I think that about covers all of the big ones however if I missed anything feel free to leave a comment below and I will happily answer away :)

We had our 12 week ultrasound today and were thrilled to see that everything is growing and developing perfectly, so without further ado we introduce our little bean.

Just in case you aren’t versed in ultrasound photos the first photo is of baby #3’s profile and it extends past the shoulders and the second photo is of a tiny little hand, fingers and arm (it looks kind of like a little paw- but is incredibly adorable).

baby #3

waving baby #3