3 of a kind

I suppose it’s about time that we made official announcements around here…

it's a boy!

In August/July we will be adding another brother to the mix!! I had my 20 week ultrasound last Friday and Jamie and I were thrilled to see a happy (yes this is an assumption but how could he not be?) and very healthy little boy growing away. I can’t imagine how crazy things are going to be around here in the coming months; however, I also can’t imagine my heart feeling more full!

Our “it’s a boy” announcement photos didn’t exactly go as planned (the blue balloon I got was popped 30 seconds after it was handed to Jay and I didn’t get a single photo of it) but I guess that’s what I get for planning anything in the first place. This is our reality these days- a house full of busy, busy boys who don’t want to sit still for photos. Thanks Daddy for helping to get one where everyone is at least looking.

it's a boy!

and some outtakes because they make me smile-
it's a boy

Charlie just wanted out of there

and we're done

at least one of them is smiling

and a peek (please excuse the iPhone photo of the ultrasound) at our sweet little guy, I think he just might have the same nose as his brothers ;)
sweet little boy!

p.s. Thanks Aunt Holly (the Great) for the post title ;) What really could be better than three of a kind?!

3 thoughts on “3 of a kind

  1. We are thrilled!! One of my favorite shows in the 60s was “My Three Sons”. Now George and I have our own version – “My Three Grandsons”. It will be awesome!!


  2. We are Sooooooo very excited that this new little one is a boy!!! He will be as AWSESOME as his brothers are and we are all very blessed that he is healthy! Yes this new little blue bundle does have his Mommy’s nose like his brothers. :)


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