a new room for a new boy

It’s no secret that I like to decorate and change things up around our house. So after almost 4 years of living with the nursery the way it was I was ready for a change. I didn’t do anything drastic, just made some updates to things that I haven’t always loved and I spent less than $50 doing it (and most of that was used to purchase fabric etc for Luc’s quilt)!

I decorated the nursery before we had Jay and it had looked pretty much the same since; feel free to take a gander at the old nursery post here if you are interested. The fish theme was nice but I was ready for something a little lighter and I really wanted to change the window treatment. We didn’t have the toy chest below the window when I decided on black out curtains and since the panels were long and had to be behind the toys chest it was a pain to get them open and closed and I rarely opened them. Now with the fake roman shade I open them frequently to get the natural light in the room  and I LOVE it.

Here are few of the before photos, sorry they aren’t super great but you get the idea…

nursery- before

nursery- before

nursery- before

And the updates…
nursery- after

nursery- after

nursery- after

one with the roman shade closed

Here’s a few of the details in case you are interested:
Roman Shade- I used a pintrest tutorial to make the fake roman shade; although the measurements/directions were really off on the tutorial so I am not going to link to it. Basically, I took an old set of mini blinds (I got them from my Mom for free- thanks Mom!) and pulled them apart to so I just had a few of the actual metal pieces and the skeleton for the shade and the cord. I used a piece of blackout material from the original curtain panels and sewed it to the teal fabric and then glued it all together.
Window Topper- It is made out of foam core board and then covered with batting and then fabric. My mom gifted me the fabric (thanks again Mom!) and I already had the board and batting so it didn’t cost us anything.
Fabric- I used Michael Millers Backyard Baby for everything aside from the teal on the roman shade which is Moda Solids Ice. The Backyard Baby line is a little harder to find these days since it has been out for a while but I loved it so I searched until I found it. The fabric was used to make Luc’s quilt and then I used the scraps to make: a pillow cover (we already had the pillow), the bunting (I used ribbon that we already had), to cover a canvas that is hanging above the dresser and to put in the frame above the chair.
Teal Mirror- This mirror was black and originally hanging in our foyer. I used some teal paint from when we painted the house (I think it’s the same color we used in the hallways) and then hung it alongside a frame I already had and the fabric covered canvas. The frame has this adorable Katie Daisy print in it, saying “We are all Magnificent Creatures” it which I love!

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