“we have two babies”

If you ask my little Jay Bird these days he will joyfully announce that we have TWO babies!!! Which is true, in a sense; we are very excited and blessed to announce that baby number 3 is baking and that we are anxiously and excitedly waiting for his or her arrival in late July or early August. However, let me clarify for a few of you before any rumors start flying… yes we are expecting number 3 but not number 4 just yet, no twins for us ;)  Jay counts both Charlie and baby #3 in his “two babies” count- sweet boy!  Also, to cover a few questions that I know you have (we have already gotten them many times) so you don’t have to go to the trouble of asking…

-Yes, we know what we are doing.

-No, this baby was not a surprise but rather a very exciting planned (well as planned as babies go) event.

-Yes, this does mean we will have 3 kiddos ages 3 1/2 and under.

-Yes, our house will be crazy… crazy full of LOVE!

-No, we did not do anything to try for a girl.  While we would be thrilled to add a little pink to our lives we are just thrilled to add a perfectly happy and healthy little person to our family, regardless of gender.

I think that about covers all of the big ones however if I missed anything feel free to leave a comment below and I will happily answer away :)

We had our 12 week ultrasound today and were thrilled to see that everything is growing and developing perfectly, so without further ado we introduce our little bean.

Just in case you aren’t versed in ultrasound photos the first photo is of baby #3’s profile and it extends past the shoulders and the second photo is of a tiny little hand, fingers and arm (it looks kind of like a little paw- but is incredibly adorable).

baby #3

waving baby #3

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