Unfortunately, I was wrong when I said that Charlie was teething… (well not completely wrong- the little guy is still working on his chompers) however, that wasn’t the reason for last weeks grumpy baby- a virus was.  BOO!

Both boys have been sick now for almost a week with hand foot and mouth disease :(  Just the name of it makes me wrinkle my nose up… It’s not fun- little guys with temperatures and tiny red bumps galore, not fun at all.  We do however seem to be on the mend now- we’ve been temperature free now since Sunday (yay!!!), appetites are starting go back up a bit, the bumps are looking better and they are (knock on wood) sleeping through the night again (double yay!!!)  Keep your fingers crossed for us that this is the end of it, having sick babies is not fun at all.  And maybe, just maybe I will be able to get some of our recent photos up now that they are sleeping a little better- we have so much to share.

While we’ve been hanging a little closer to the house we have needed to be a little creative with our play and laundry baskets are always a good way to do that.

Happy hump day to ya!

2 thoughts on “recovering

  1. I agree that that disease needs a better name … like whooping cough has pertussis. Anyway, glad to know that your two sweet boys are getting better, we want them to be at their usual charming and cute selves for our big anniversary party this weekend.


  2. These are cute pictures. You make the ordinary things more fun!! I’m doing laundry tonight but don’t have sweet boys in my baskets :(


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