charlie time

Jay was with my Mom today.  They went to the beach and, from what I understand, had a grand ole time.  Charlie and I had a pretty great time ourselves.  I had forgotten what it is like to have just one kiddo but it didn’t take me long to remember.  I enjoyed every minute that we got together, just the two of us, today.

playing outside in the morning before it got scorching hot…

a few post-jammie photos, it got pretty warm out there even in the shade

enjoying some toys that were dug from the depths of the closet, especially since he didn’t have to share them with anyone…

evening swing at the park…

5 thoughts on “charlie time

  1. I’m not sleeping too well tonight (it is 4:38am) so i came in the computer room and pulled up my mail..

    After seeing these pictures of Charlie Tuna, i’ll head back to bed with a smile on my face..


  2. We had an awesome time with Jay at the beach!! I loved the pics of Charlie, he is so sweet and a real cutie! Thanks for sharing your boys with us!!!!


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