sweet piper

We have always known that we have a sweet puppy; however, it just keeps getting reinforced with each little boy that we have. After Jay was born Piper didn’t leave my side. She would follow me from room to room when I paced with Jay, she would camp out at my feet or on the side of the bed when he actually passed out and we were able to catch some sleep, she would lie down on his playmat and let him crawl over her whenever he wanted to. Even now she lets him roll cars up and down her back and bounce on her without so much as a big sigh. Now that we have Charlie she follows the two of us around like she did with Jay. She lies on his playmats, camps out on the side of the crib when he naps, follows me around with him when I am trying to get him to sleep and kisses his cheeks when he is fussy and within reach. I can’t wait until the boys are actually old enough to really play with her; I know that they will love her just as much as she has always loved them.

These are just a few of the times that I have actually caught Piper snoozin’ with Charlie although it happens daily :)

2 thoughts on “sweet piper

  1. Piper is a very thoughtful and sweet dog!! I’m very impressed with her. Guess we won’t be seeing any “sweet Dolce” posts from you any time soon!


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