friday phone dump

1. my favorite time of the day

2. stretch!

3. toes

4. silly faces

5. cars

6. cheese!

7. raising the crib mattress (I did this all by myself- go me!)

8. sweet big boy

9. sucking his thumb

10. avocado bagel- yummo

11. serious face

12. blueberry thief… he ate half of the bowl before the muffins were even made :)

13. daddy and charlie

14. smiles

15. “frosty no-men” lunch for jay

16. stickers by jay

17. more smiles

18. snoozin’ in the crib

19. “color whales mommy, color whales”

20. self portrait with sleeping squishy

21. “fix cars tires”

22. mommy’s “fip fops”

23. bath time smiles from charlie

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