attitude is a choice

Dear Jay Bird,
This week has been rough.  Honestly, I have been wishing for Friday afternoon and the weekend since the week started on Tuesday.  I know it was even a short week but kiddo, Momma has been running on survival mode just to get through…

You have had a cold ALL week- runny nose, cough, fussy as all get out- it’s the whole shebang and it has not been fun.  I have been covered in more snot and spit up this week than I have in the last 8 months. I feel like we have gone back in time to when you were tiny and spiting up everywhere except you are much bigger and therefore there is much more of it.  It’s gross, I promise.  I have hope that it is your molars giving you trouble; which means there is an end in sight but still it’s tiring.   You have been clingy and needy and haven’t let me put you down much although at the same time you don’t want to be held, you want to reek havoc on everything around you and destroy anything that I have actually had the time to put away.  I tried to walk with you (and Staci) this week just to get out since we didn’t go to story time because of your cold.  You normally really like this but instead you cried for over half of my walk on Wednesday and for the whole 3 miles yesterday.  It was indeed motivation to pick up the pace and get back sooner but it was also motivation that I surely could have done without.  All of this has been exhausting, again, I promise.  I have napped with you twice this week just to make it until dinner and have been in bed one night at 9:30.  On top of being cranky pants with a cold you have not been sleeping or napping well (which I am sure has to do with the cold/teeth).  Your naps have been shorter and you are up longer so you get tired and cranky- see a pattern?  You have also learned the drop-something-and-someone-will-pick-it-up-game; which means everything and I mean EVERYTHING has been tossed at some point or another this week and while I love to watch you learn new things this game could have waited until another week…

On top of all the sick my to do list is about a mile long and it didn’t get touched this week… I have pictures to look at for clients, family and a ton that I have taken for us too.  I have endless projects sitting in various places around the house in one state of completion or another, the piles of laundry are about to consume us, our vacuum has been broken and the house is a mess.  The vacuum may not sound like a big deal but it has been out of commission for a week and a half and we have three furry (super-duper furry) children living in this house too and in the last week it seems like they have multiplied…

I woke up this morning thinking that if I could just vacuum the floors today (Daddy helped me to use duct tape last night as a temporary fix) that I would chalk it up as a win.  I haven’t yet accomplished that BUT today has already been a huge win…

You still have your cold, you are still super touchy and cranky but when I stopped vacuuming to sit on the floor with you for a minute you crawled into my lap and stayed there hugging on me for a good twenty minutes.  This an eternity for you these days but it was the best eternity that I have had in a long time.  Thanks for the reminder kiddo of what’s important.  The majority of my days are filled up with things and all of those “things” can be wonderful or not; it’s just really a matter of how I choose to look at them.  Attitude is a choice little boy and today we choose to smile…

I love you little bird.



4 thoughts on “attitude is a choice

  1. Oh Kristen, we had one of those weeks two weeks ago. I do believe you saw Eli and I leave storytime early. I remember on Wednesday of our VERY long week, I told Eli we should start seeing other people….but we made it. And the past two weeks, little man and I have had so much fun together.


  2. Thanks you two! It is comforting to know that I am not in this alone :-) I know it will get better just like I know that it will also get worse. I am just hoping that worse is not anytime soon… by the way Shannon, I love the word “craptastic” I am going to have to use that one and AMEN to it being FRIDAY!!!


  3. Thanks for the humble,honest reminder. Yes, these weeks are normal in motherhood, but that doesn’t make them any easier. I had a nervous breakdown in front of our lead pastor about Leyton’s tantrums a few weeks ago. I told him I thought my child was possessed by a demon amidst heaving sobs. He must have really thought I lost my marbles, and I felt like I had. But for every bad day, there is a good day. He has been a sweetie this week, but who knows what next week holds. I feel you though. Let me know when you are ready for another night out!


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