helpful helper…

or monster of a mess?

On Monday, Jamie spent the majority of the day working in the yard, trimming trees, planting grass plugs, getting the gardens ready to be re-planted etc.  After Jay’s second nap we headed outside to join him.  Jay is into everything these days so I quickly tired of trying to keep him clean and in my arms so… I gave in, striped him down to his diaper and just let him go hog wild.  And wild he was- he was a filthy mess by the time we went in for supper but he was pleased as punch with us and himself and that’s all that really matters isn’t it?

playing at the water table
a whole new meaning to the term dirty diaper
snack break- which one do I want??
...this one looks good
yup- I like this one, it's portable! yummy!
high fives with Daddy- it's a fun new trick
checkin' out the new grass
but I don't want to go inside...
just kidding- fooled ya!

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