such a big boy

It seems like every time I turn around these days Jay is doing something that makes me stop and think- wow, he’s getting so big!!  I know that he is getting closer to 6 months old but does he have to grow up so quickly??

Some of his new tricks include… (sorry, but I don’t have photos of them all)

Picking up his paci and putting it in his mouth (most of the time he even gets it in the correct way!)

Rolling over from his tummy to his back- I know that he was supposed to roll this way first but what can I say our kiddo is unique ;-)

Reaching for just about anything you have or anything that he wants.  This also causes him to “flip” out of any lap or boppy he is sitting in; it really is good that I have cat like reflexes.

Entertaining/playing by himself.

Sitting up on his own.

Playing in his bed after waking up from a nap.  Yesterday, when I went to get him from his nap I walked into to see this…

he was talking, playing (with Jenny and his blanket) and pushing up so far on his hands that I thought he would get up on his hands and knees.  It won’t be long now until that happens since he can already get his knee up pretty far.  He also does not stay where you put him anymore; his head was at the other end of his bed when he went to sleep…

Holding his own bottle.

Opening wide for a spoonful of cereal- it took him a few days to really get used to this whole “food” thing (we had to dance and jump around to get him to smile and open up) but now he is eating like a champ!  He will open really wide when he sees the spoon coming.  He has gotten so good that we have increased the amount of food we give him from 1tbsp to 2tbps, he would gobble down the one tbsp and be looking for more (Daddy’s hollow leg was indeed inherited).

I am loving every minute with him right now; seriously can’t get enough of his cuteness!!

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