bowl full of mush

Last Tuesday night (06-29) Jamie and I decided to try giving Jay rice cereal.  At our last Doctor’s visit the Doctor recommended trying it sometime after he turned 5 moths old so he could get used to eating and having food put in his mouth.  Up until this point he has been exclusively breast fed via the bottle or the milk truck (Daddy’s really sweet nickname for me) so I wasn’t sure how he would take to it but he did fabulously!  The first couple of bites came straight back out but as soon as he got the hang of it he was putting it down the hatch rather quickly, all the while giggling and laughing.  I may have to take this back later but I think that he has inherited our taste buds and isn’t going to be that picky of an eater.  I know for sure that he has already inherited his Daddy’s appetite…

some pre-supper entertainment while Mommy got the camera ready
hey, what's that?
first bite
not so sure about it yet
more please!
got the hang of this stuff and lovin' it now!!
Dolce is never far from the action...
a very full and happy boy!

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