Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mom’s Day to all!!!  Jamie and I had a great weekend filled with a little bit of R&R and more importantly family time.  We started celebrating Mother’s Day early yesterday by seeing Jamie’s Mom, her sisters and his Grandma.  We have been very sneaky and hiding some cousin pictures that we took (all 7 of the cousins were in town over Christmas) and were finally able to give them out yesterday.  I think it was a huge hit!  We got a little bit of “us” time Saturday afternoon which will be much appreciated with this upcoming crazy week and then we got to see both of our Mom’s (along with George, my brother- Scott and his wife Frannie) again today.  It was great!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend, I didn’t take any at my Mom’s house with Scott and Frannie- it don’t know why I had the camera with me.  Oh well, enjoy what I have.

(Left to Right)- Aunt Holly, Grandma, Aunt Nancy, Mary Sue

Jamie and his Mama after brunch today

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. You didn’t mention the yummy cookies you baked for me! Thanks for everything!


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