A two bath day

Jamie and I were played today, by whom you may ask?  Well, none other than our four legged lovable puppy- yup that’s right, Piper.  She has been pretty itchy lately so we have bathed her more frequently to try and get the itching to stop.  So, today (even though it was raining) we bathed her- yup nice parents.  It was against my better judgement, because who bathes a water dog when it’s raining?  But we did, and we even gave her a treat after she was through since she was so good for us.  Well tonight on our walk she took off into the ditch and yup right into a small pond- hence, bath number 2.  So she got to play in the water (in the “pond” and from the hose) was cleaned twice, got a treat and is now- as we speak- on her mat in our room (even though she doesn’t normally sleep with us).  Life’s tough I suppose…

And because any post is better with a picture, here are a few of the princess from another day taking a bath and playing in the water…

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