Last Friday Jamie and I got the pleasure of watching Leyton while Nan and Jeremy attended a friends wedding.  It took us a while to get used to each other, and for Jamie and I to realize that when they said he likes to move all the time that they really meant ALL of the time!  We had fun hanging out with Leyton, taking him for walks in the pouch/ jumper thing (which he crashed in- twice), and introducing him to Piper.  I have been meaning to post these pictures but things have been crazy.  

Either way here they are, enjoy…

Fancy Family Shot- ooh la la…

Snoozing or shall I say crashed- take a look at those smoochy lips!

Traveling in style- that thing was surprisingly easy to wear

too precious- baby giggles


Leyton’s visit with Piper. His parents may not let him come over after this but I am going to risk- he LOVED watching Piper!

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