Bean there done that…

Late Wednesday night Jamie and I returned from a much needed vacation in Chicago. We had bizarre weather (sunshine, snow, wind, rain- the works), enjoyed the company of dear friends, enjoyed great food and well just plain relaxed- it was amazing!! We enjoyed all every minute of our trip and were envious of all of the culture and the sites that you get to see in Chicago- Orlando is really lacking. We even enjoyed the 6 inches of snow that we got- you can enjoy it when you don’t live in it. Enjoy the pictures, some of which are self portraits- the product of a vacation with just the two of us.

View of Lake Michigan from Aimee and Marc’s apartment

View down Michigan Avenue

Aimee and Marc enjoying a Chicago Hot Dog lunch with us

Nighttime view of Chicago from the Hancock Tower

At Navy Pier

SNOW!!!  6 inches on Sunday

The Bean- my favorite site in all of Chicago!!!  A huge mirrored bean in the middle of Millennium Park.  It was a great place to people watch and made for great pictures of the city.

Me and Jamie at the Bean

New, warm, pink (shock) hat- for snow, wind etc.

The Bean again

Chicago Deep dish, Jamie ate 4 slices of a large on his own

Me and Father Scott outside of the Mercy Home where he works- an amazing organization that fosters really needy (deserving) kids

Beautiful background, beautiful day, handsome husband

At the Field Museum to view the Pirates exhibit

Saying goodbye to Chicago and of course the bean :)

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