today i am… 8 months

Remy- 8 months

Remy- 8 months

Remy- 8 months

Remy- 8 months

Remy- 8 months old

Remy- 8 months old

Remy-8 months

Remy- 8 months old

Remy- 8 months old

Remy- 8 months old

Remy- 8 months old

8 months old!!

This year sure is flying by. I know that can be said for all of the boys but really this year has flown by! I feel like we keep blinking and this sweet little boy of mine is creeping closer and closer to his first birthday.

Teeth- 0 I sincerely think that Remy is working hard on getting these to break through but they just aren’t here yet. Hopefully soon though!

*Crawling- Remy has been crawling for the past month now and we have moved to the fast crawl stage (although we haven’t yet hit speedy mode- so YAY!). He can pick up speed easily and gets into trouble or things he’s not supposed to in the blink of an eye. He has also been pulling up on everything but has yet to start cruising or letting go to stand on his own. I am certainly in no rush for either of those two things to happen. The fast crawl is keeping us on our toes as it is.

*Eating- Remy is still eating very well. He nurses multiple times a day and has loved most purees that we have given him. He loves to be able to feed himself so I have been trying to find anything that this sweet little guy can eat without teeth. He likes Bananas, Cheerios, Sweet Potatoes, Peaches and tiny bits of grapes too!

* Ticklish- Remy is SUPER ticklish. His legs, feet, sides, neck- you name it, it’s ticklish. Frequently at night he will start laughing before you even touch him because he knows it’s coming!

* Remy is so laid back and go-with-the-flow. I know that he doesn’t have much of a choice being the fourth kiddo but he really never complains and is always smiling. He volunteers in both Jay and Charlie’s classrooms with me a couple times a week and just sits so sweetly and nicely the whole time. He smiles at the other kids and occasionally will “talk” to them too :)

* His Thumb- this little guy loves to suck his thumb and either play with his hair or mine. He doesn’t suck his thumb all of the time but if he’s on my hip his thumb is most likely going to be in his mouth.

*Momma-Remy is our first kiddo to really prefer being with me or Jamie in a group. He will sit with others for a little bit and is happy to play with others too but when he is tired he wants one of us and if both of us are there he wants me. He really is a Mommas boy and I am not complaining one bit!

*Bath Time- We are still loving the water and therefore baths. As long as it’s not too late or he’s too tired, he’ll play for such a long time in the bath!

*His Wooden Frog- Remy frequently crawls with toys in his mouth and this toy in particular is perfect for crawling with. He can pop one of the little arms in his mouth and take it anywhere he wants!

*His brothers- Remy loves watching them and playing “with” them. He is constantly crawling around after them and looking for them while they are gone. His brothers also can get the largest belly laughs imaginable out of this sweet boy.

*Music- Remy really loves our afternoon dance parties. He loves waving his hands around to the music and he loves when I dance with him. I get huge smiles and laughs whenever we do this.

*We are constantly reading in our home and Remy will listen along to the books that we are reading to the boys; however, his favorites are probably the touch and feel books. It’s no surprise but he’ll listen to 4-5 of those in a row.


*This is a stretch but he isn’t thrilled with people he doesn’t know, but only if they were trying to hold him.

Jay at 8 months

Charlie at 8 months

Luc at 8 months 

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