today i am… 7 months

Remy 7 months old

Remy- 7 months old

Remy- 7 months old

Remy- 7 months

Remy- 7 months

Remy- 7 months old

Remy- 7 months old

7 months old!!

It’s hard to believe that this little love has been in our lives for 7 months already! He brings so much joy and happiness to our family I can’t imagine what it would be like without him here.

Things of Note:

-Remy is officially crawling this month. He was super close last month but this month there is no denying that he can move on his own free will. He isn’t “seal” crawling like he used but actually crawling and getting into everything.

-Along with crawling he has decided that all things must be done at warp speed (no holding back and staying my baby) and he will also pull up. He hasn’t taken any steps or decided that he would like to cruise just yet but he is pulling up on anything and everything around him. When he does pull up he is ridiculously excited about it and squeals really loudly. It’s pretty ear piercing but also cute at the same time.

-He is still a wonderful sleeper, taking two naps during the day, one 1-1.5 hour nap in the morning and then usually a 2 (plus) hour nap in the afternoon. I usually get in a few minutes of cuddling before his afternoon naps and I look forward to that EVERY day. At night he is also wonderful. He sleeps through the night, going to bed around 8 and sleeping with one last nighttime feeding before I go to bed (I could probably stop this but I love the sleepy nursing and cuddle time and am savoring it) and then sleeps until 7/8 in the morning.

-Eating is going very well. He is still nursing fabulously but we have added a few solids in this month. Remy still doesn’t have any teeth, although he would love some so he could eat more finger food, so we have only started him on a few purees and feed him puffs. He is still only getting solids at supper time (he can be messy!) but he has loved everything without exception that we have given him. The older he gets the more finger foods I will start to introduce because he LOVES being able to feed himself


-Peek a Boo He loves playing peek-a-boo with his brothers, under his towel after his bath, when getting dressed, anytime really. It’s so cute!

-Mommy’s silly dancing. I can pretty much always get a belly laugh when I jump and dance around like a crazy person in front of him. I look like a fool but the belly laughing is worth it.

-His brothers. They make him laugh, calm him down when he is upset and play with him. They run to go help him when he falls, cheer for him when he learns something new and he crawls around looking for them when he can’t find them. I LOVE watching them grow and bond. Having 4 kids 6 and under is as crazy as you can imagine (probably more so) but these relationships that I get to witness first hand make it so worth it.

-Crawling with a toy in his mouth. He loves to crawl around with a toy hanging out of his mouth. He will pop an arm of an animal, head of a duplo guy etc in his mouth, similar to a cat carrying its baby, in his mouth and carry it all around the house.

-Sucking his thumb and sitting on my hip. It’s safe to say that he is a bit of a Momma’s boy and his favorite place to be is on my hip with his left (he only sucks his left thumb) thumb in his mouth and playing with my hair. I am certainly not complaining being that he’s most likely our last baby ;)

-The water. We have another Perreault Fish on our hands with this little guy. He loves being in the pool with his big brothers splashing around and he also loves splashing around in the bath.

-Smiling. It’s rare when there isn’t a smile on this little guys face. He is generally a very happy, very content sweet, sweet boy!

I loved reading the other boys 7 month posts. It is so funny to read things about them that haven’t changed one bit from the time they were 7 months old until now. Love these boys of mine!

Luc at 7 months

Charlie at 7 months

Jay at 7 months

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