today i am…

8 Months Old!!

Last night after dinner I said to Jamie “I can’t believe that Jay is going to be 8 months old tomorrow!” to which he replied “Can you remember what it was like before we had him?”  I said “No” and he agreed.  It is so funny how much he has changed us and how we have grown together as a family in such a short amount of time.  I don’t remember what life was like without my sweet little Jay Bird in it and that’s okay because it just keeps getting better with him here.


Length: 27 inches (no change from last month)

Weight: 17lbs 6 oz

Teeth: 6- four on top that all came at once and two on the bottom, maybe we’ll get a little break now

Hair: Still red, growing like crazy and starting to curl!  It flips out over his ears just like his Daddy’s

Things of Note:

*Jay is now completely mobile and fast!  I can put him down on the ground and less than a minute later he is off and moving, sometimes he’s already in the next room.  He isn’t always a fast crawler.  Sometimes he stops frequently to look at and take in the newest surroundings.

*He has just started pulling up on things.  Mostly he only goes to his knees before backing off cautiously (he gets his cautiousness from Daddy).  I know it won’t be long before he is pulling up on everything around him.  I have cleared all low things off of the tables in preparation of this.

*He is quite the little chatter box lately.  He talks and talks to his toys, to the animals or anything around that will listen.  Honestly, he talks the most when he is eating- we’ll have to work on those manners soon.

*He is also getting to be pretty shy.  Jay has always been pretty quiet around people that he doesn’t know but now he can be talking away and if someone he doesn’t know comes up or near he clams up.  He also hangs on pretty tight to me when we’re around people he doesn’t know or if someone else is holding him he looks for me or Daddy.  He rarely smiles at strangers either; most people say how serious he looks when they see him (when they aren’t telling me how precious he is).  Mostly I think that he is just taking everything in and that’s when he uses his serious face; he comes by this honestly- have you seen his Dad sometimes?

*Even though he is shy is so very, very curious.  Jay is constantly watching and taking in EVERYTHING around him and taking it all in.  Multiple times throughout the day he is pulling himself up over my shoulder or looking around me to get a better look at something.  We love that he is curious, remind me off this when he is going through the 100 questions phase.

*He has a little giggle box in him.  Out of the blue he will find something terribly funny and double over in laughter and then he goes and goes for quite a bit.  Both Daddy and I love this new “trick” and continue to do whatever it is that makes him laugh if possible.

*He is very ticklish- neck, legs, knees, sides- you name it, it will get him squirming.  I think he gets the last two things from me.

*As for eating and sleeping, both of those are right on track.  He has been sleeping from about 7:30- 8am every night and he is eating like a champ!  He still prefers all orange foods and fruits but he will eat most of what we give him.  He also really likes puffs and being able to feed himself; something that he hasn’t exactly perfected but we are improving by leaps and bounds daily.


*Animals- he loves animals right now, his especially, but he also loves wild ones that we see when we are outside.  I took him to Park Ave last week and we sat on a blanket under the shade of a tree.  While we were there he LOVED watching the squirrels run around the grass and climb the trees.  He talked to them whenever they got close and climbed over me to get a better view when they scurried away from us.

*Leashes and Collars- he really loves Piper’s collar and leash.  He likes the noise that her tags make and he will follow you around the whole house if you drag the leash behind you.

*Toys that he can make noise with-  Jay likes toys that he can make noise with right now (the collar makes sense now, right?).  Don’t misunderstand, not toys that MAKE noise (those actually kind of freak him out), but toys that he can bang on or hit to together to make noise.  Stacking cups, pots and pans etc all are very fun and fall into this category.  Things with wheels and balls, things that roll away from him when he is crawling, are also very intriguing.

*Bath Time- Bath time is still a huge hit.  Actually if he is in another room when you start the water he will squeal and flap his arms around excitedly and start crawling towards the bathroom.  This is a really cute trick in my opinion.

*The Park- he really still likes being outside (just like Daddy) and watching people (just like Mommy) so the park has been a huge hit.


*??? There is not much that Jay dislikes right now; overall he is happy as happy can be and I love that!  Although, if I had to pick something he didn’t like I’d have to say teething- but who would?

All in all, every new stage we get to has been so much fun and both Jamie and I have loved watching him explore and learn.  It’s also so much fun to see his personality emerge more and more each day; and freaky at the same time when you realize he’s just like one of us in one way or another…

playing keep away with the blocks became a very fun game during this photo shoot- it had both of us squealing and in fits of laughter
another round of keep away
yet another round- it really was so much fun!
a guaranteed way to freak Mommy out- crawl towards the edge of the bed as fast as you can- giggle when you get there and see Mommy running
proof of teething but also cute toes
8 Months!! You can clearly see his two bottom teeth in this one.
action shot

6 thoughts on “today i am…

  1. What a sweet boy. Based on the list of personality particulars, he seems to be a delightful mix of Mom and Dad so far. Of all the babies I am starting to know, Jay smiles the most ;-) That could only be a beautiful sign of happiness all around your life. Love to you.


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