today i am… 6 months

6 months old

6 months old

6 months old

6 months old

6 months old

6 months old Remy

6 months old Remy

6 months old- Remy

6 months old Remy

6 months old Remy

6 months old Remy

6 months old!!

I know that I always say this but seriously how is it possible that this little guy is 6 months old!! With every sweet boy we add to this family time seems to pass faster and faster.

teeth- none as of yet

Things of Note-
*Sleeping- He is doing really well sleeping. He goes to bed around 8/8:30 usually at the same time as his brothers or just shortly afterwards, I feed him once before I go to bed and then he sleeps all night until about 7am. When I wake him to feed him at night he is usually super sweet and smily. He will give both me and Jamie adorable sleepy smiles and cuddles in on my chest to fall back asleep as soon as he is done. I soak up the cuddles and then put him back to bed. Remy also takes two pretty good naps, if our schedule allows; it’s hard having older brothers. I used to put him down on his belly and he would go right to sleep but recently since he has been moving more it does take him a little longer to get settled. Either way, he can fall asleep on his own and naps well! Woohoo!

*Sitting- Remy is a siting champ. He was close to being able to do it at 5 months but was still pretty wobbly, but not now. He is super stable and able to sit on his own for as long as he pleases. He is close to being able to sit up on his own all of the way. He’s able to prop himself up on one arm but can’t manage to get his body completely upright on his own. He doesn’t much care for getting stuck in the in-between position. I can’t really blame him; I am sure it is tiring.

*Mobility- This kid is mobile. I refuse to say that he is crawling yet although he is making consistent forward motion. He is more of a scooting that he is doing, pulling himself along with his arms. However, he does get up on all fours and rock so full on crawling isn’t far off.

*Everything and anything within his reach is fair game. He grabs everything that he can reach: blanket, diaper (clean or dirty), toy, one of the other boys’ toys, utensils from the table- you name it he’ll grab and eat it. Nothing is safe any more and it made this month’s photo shoot with blocks pretty darn challenging!

*Eating- Remy is still exclusively nursing and doing really well with it. He has yet to take a bottle but we haven’t pushed the issue too much. We will probably start him on solid food soon (ish) but we’ll see. Honestly, I am really enjoying the simplicity of just nursing him.

*He’s ticklish! Remy is super ticklish. I frequently put lotion on his skin after baths and he laughs and laughs when I rub it on him. Occasionally, he will even laugh before I even touch him because he knows it’s coming.

*His brothers- He saves most of the best smiles and laughs for his big bothers. He loves watching them and grabbing them whenever they are within reaching distance.
*His thumb- this little guy likes his thumb! He will still take a paci but left to his own devices he will suck his thumb. He will only suck his left thumb and he usually only sucks it when he’s upset or sleepy. I don’t think I have ever seen him suck it just because.
*Mesh feeder that I put ice cubes in. He absolutely loves sucking on the ice and has so much fun at supper banging it around and sucking on it.
*Water- he loves when he gets his hands washed off and splashing in the pool or bath. I feel certain that we will have another little fish on our hands with this one.

Dislikes are usually hard at this age because for the most part our sweet kiddos are pretty agreeable and Remy is no exception. However, he does get tired of being in one place for too long- in the highchair or the exersaucer etc He also doesn’t like when he gets stuck in the in-between sitting and laying down position. I know that is probably frustrating and tiring.

Jay at 6 months
Charlie at 6 months
Luc at 6 months

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