today i am…

we have put 6 months behind us already- can you believe it?? here's to many, many more!

I promise to try and refrain from saying this every month from now on (aside from maybe when Jay turns a year old) but seriously where does the time go?!?!?!  6 months- my baby is 6 months old, how can that be?  Honestly, the time flies by so quickly but I LOVE this age so much!!  Jay is on the verge of being mobile but isn’t quite yet, he is really developing his personality, is curious about everything right now and is just so much fun to be around; I am constantly thanking God and my wonderful husband that I am lucky enough to be home every day to watch Jay discover the world around him.  Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Somethings of note:

*Jay is constantly rolling right now.  Regardless of where this child is placed he definitely does not end up in the same place!  He flips to his belly (which he has been doing for quite a while now) frequently to hang out and play.  He can also flip the other way, belly to back, which is more of a new development.

*Everything in any one’s hand or within reach of our little Jay Bird is fair game as far as he is concerned.  I continue to drink out of cups with lids and have gotten very strategic about doing anything while holding him.

*Jay is endlessly curious; right now the world around him couldn’t be more fascinating!  He must have/touch/hold/eat everything that he sees right now(see the comment above), he is constantly looking around and taking everything in.  It is so much fun to watch him discover the world and all of the new things around him.

*He has been sitting unassisted for a while now.  It started as more of a tri-pod type motion; however, he can now sit by himself for a short period of time- mainly while he is playing with his toys.  He can even sit up most of the way on his own; he can sit up from a semi-reclined position but he hasn’t gotten down how to stabilize himself enough to stay there when he gets up.

*Jay has been eating solid foods for a full month now.  He started on Rice Cereal which he really took to; so much so that I called the Doctor to ask if we could give him more.   We were told that we could give him as much as he would take (which was at least two big bowls a day).  Just a word to the wise, rice cereal is constipating for babies especially in large amounts- do you see where this is going… Jamie and I had a fussy non-pooping child for 6 days because of the cereal- consider yourself warned!  It was not a very fun few days and Jay was really upset but we did get to try out apple juice because of it and have continued to give him other foods to help with this “problem”.  Right now he isn’t a huge fan of any fruits on their own, we have tired pears and peaches, but he does love them when they are mixed with his oatmeal.  I also must add that the peaches are preferred above the pears so I can still claim him as my child :-)

*Sleeping, things are much better on this front right now.  He has slept through the night a few times and even a few nights in a row, he is also napping pretty well a few times a day.  Nothing is consistent nor regular; however, the important thing here is that he can sleep through the night and therefore there is light at the end of a long tunnel.

*Our little guy is ticklish! Under the armpits and under the neck especially but he does have a few other “spots” as well.  It you get him at just the right spot he will reward you with a full out belly laugh.


*We are loving our stroller rides right now.  Regardless of the heat, Jay loves to be outside cruising the neighborhood.

*Books- Jay has continued to love being read to.  Jamie and I started very, very early with him on this and he still loves it.  He will look at the pictures and follow along while you read; it adorable!  Currently his favorite is Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb; thanks to Mary Beth and Sean for the wonderful gift.  He knows the cover by sight and gets the biggest smile whenever he sees it and we start to read.

*Watching his puppy and kitties- Jay constantly watches the animals in the house.  He looks for them in places where he knows they will be and watches them intently whenever they are around.

*His Jumper- seriously our kid can jump!  It’s like a switch is flipped when he is put into the jumper; he immediately starts jumping and go’s and go’s until he is taken out.  He has gone for 45minutes at a time before, I am not kidding when I say he loves it.  He especially loves if you play hide and seek with him while he is in the jumper- that trick is sure to turn on his giggle box!

*Clapping-  Jay loves when people clap.  Without fail, if he is getting fussy and I can’t hold him right at that very moment (I am starting supper, etc) he will start smiling and laughing when I clap my hands for him.  He also really likes people who talk with their hands…

*Singing songs with hand motions.  His favorite of my complete repertoire is anything that also has a hand motion along with the song; The Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You’re Happy and You Know It… actually I usually make up motions to any songs that I sing since he likes it so much- I am sure it’s comical to all that watch.


*Sunglasses- I had to think long and hard to fill in this category since he is a pretty happy boy as long as his belly is full and he is well rested.  However, he doesn’t really like when people wear sunglasses.  It’s almost like he can’t figure out who you are when you are wearing them, he just kind of stares at you funny until you get the hint and move them.

just hanging out while Mama prepped for his shoot

2 thoughts on “today i am…

  1. Wow Kristen, You and Jay were busy today with this cute photo shoot. He sure is cooperative. Or at least that’s the way it looks from the pictures!! He does that yoga pose so well :-)


  2. 5-6 months has always been one of my most favorite ages! Enjoy it, before too long he’ll be crawling under your desk to unplug the computer and dumping over the trash can! :)


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