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Remy- 3 months old

3 Months Old!!
It’s hard to believe that three months have passed since this little one joined our crazy crew and also not hard to believe at all. Remy has been such a wonderful and welcomed addition to our family that I can’t imagine it without him anymore.

Stats- based on our, possibly less accurate, home measurements

Height- 24.5 inches

Weight- 15lbs 8oz

Things of note:

Sleeping- Remy is a dream baby. Really he is. He’s been sleeping 8-9 hours per night consistently for about 3 weeks. He frequently will sleep for 10+ hours some nights which means if we put him to bed later in the evening he will sleep until 6:30/7 in the morning. His preference though is to be put to bed around 8:30 or shortly after his brothers are in bed and if we do this I feed him late in the evening before going to bed myself and then he will sleep all night.

Rolling- this monster of a baby is rolling front to back and back to front now. He has been rolling front to back since he was 6 weeks old but just recently decided he could flip the other way too. He’s super strong with great head control and has been able to push up for quite a while which is why he can do this so ridiculously early.

Smiling- Remy surely has the smiling thing down. He smiles all of the time at his brothers and also at Mommy and Daddy. He will smile at most people who talk to him (unless he is super tired). Really he is such a joy!

Laughing- He’s trying to laugh and getting really close to doing it but isn’t quite there yet.


Bath Time- He loves his bath and is completely ok with having water in his face- yay Daddy- we have successfully desensitized another one of our boys!

His Thumb- this  one is a thumb sucker folks. He can find it on his own and uses it to soothe himself if needed. He will also take a paci; however he much prefers his thumb. He will also suck his hand, fingers or any combination of those things if he can’t manage to get the thumb in fast enough.

His Hands- he loves playing with his hands. He frequently holds them together and plays with them almost like he is twiddling his thumbs. Almost always when he is nursing his feet are crossed at the ankles and his hands are grasped and he is playing with them.

Being Outside- Like all of his brothers Remy enjoys being outside and since the weather had been so nice here we have been taking advantage of it.

Singing- Remy loves when people sing to him. He can be really fussy but when people sing, even one of the boys, he quiets right down. It’s so sweet.

Company- Occasionally Remy will fuss if we leave him on the playmat and leave the room to do something quickly. He enjoys being around people and his bothers which is good since we always have someone around ;) He had really started to notice them and watch them while they play. We have even started sitting him in the highchair (he is so strong that he can sit with the straps for a while) for short periods of time during meals so he can see what is going on.


Being Cold- Honestly, I found it difficult to think of something that this sweet baby doesn’t like since he is happy almost all of the time; however, bring cold is probably his least favorite thing right now.

Remy- 3 months

Remy- 3 months

Remy- 3 Months

Remy- tummy time

Remy- 3 months

my photo helper kept asking when it was going to be his turn to be in the photos
Luc, my photo helper

this is how most of the photos looked when not cropped ;)

Remy- 3 months

Remy- 3 months

Remy- 3 months

Remy and my helper Luc

Remy and Luc

Remy and Luc

Jay at 3 Months
Charlie at 3 Months
Luc at 3 Months

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