today i am…

Holy Camoly!!! Today our little Jay Bird is spreading his wings to reach 3 months! Man o’ man does time fly… People keep telling us to enjoy it because they grow up so fast; however, at this rate I am worried that if I blink for too long I will open my eyes to find a teenager!

Some things of note around the Perreault Household at three months:

*He is still growing like a bad weed- last night he weighed in at 13lbs 2oz and is about 24 inches long (at least that is my best attempt at measuring this little wiggly fella).

*Jay is sleeping anywhere from 8 to 10 hours at night right now; last night we put him down to bed at 9pm and he woke up a little before 7am. We are still going through the nightly routine; however he has a bath now instead of the shower.

*He has really started to notice his hands. He kind of holds them up in front of his face and examines them and then he tries to eat them- it is funny to watch.

*Just within the last week he has started to do this funny thing with his lip, he sucks on it and moves his tongue around (sorry a video would probably explain this better but he won’t cooperate and let me take one).

*He really truly smiles and recognizes Mommy and Daddy. He will look right at us and give you the biggest smile ever- melts my heart.

* He has started to pull his head up on his own- while he is on his back he pulls his head up like he is doing a crunch or trying to sit up. He tries so hard sometimes that his little face turns red, bless his heart.

*He can really hold his head up on his own. While you are holding him he holds it up and looks all around the place. I love watching him take everything in.

*He can’t quite laugh just yet, although he is trying very hard to and I don’t think that it will be long before he can.

*He rolls onto his right side frequently, but he can’t go all the way over yet. This is probably since he still doesn’t like tummy time very much.

*He has started to notice himself in the mirror. If you stand there with him he will smile and “talk” to himself.


*He still loves to be outside. The other evening we had a picnic in our yard when Jamie got home from work because Jay was content to be on the blanket and therefore I could eat with two hands.

*He really loves his blue and brown play mat that Aunt Renee sent him. If Mommy would let him he would nap there all day long.

*He still loves the carrier, Mommy and Jay walk almost every morning and he stays awake for most of the walk looking around at things.

*Blowing bubbles- he constantly has bubbles dribbling out of his mouth.

*Looking at books- he loves to look at the pictures and colors of the books that we show him.

*Story time at night- every night while he is getting his nighttime feeding he gets two or three stories read to him by Mommy. His favorites are Guess How Much I Love You, Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish, and I Love you Through and Through.

*His morning cuddle with Mommy- every morning after he eats we generally snuggle back under the covers and doze in and out for another hour or so. This is one of Mommy’s likes too :-)


*Napping- he fights daily when Jamie and I try to put him down for a nap, he would rather hang out and take in the world around him than nap.

*The Car- he still hates it (although he doesn’t always scream the whole time we are in the car anymore and I haven’t had to pull over lately) we are hoping that this will just get better with time.

Some other pictures from our “shoot” today…

waiting for Mom to get ready for our shoot- such a happy boy and possibly my favorites picture from today
such a big boy!
laughing at Mama making funny noises
our little red head
the much hated tummy time but I needed to show off the booty of this outfit- frog booties are so cute!
bubble blowing
just hanging out
after shoot snack- his hands!

2 thoughts on “today i am…

  1. He is too precious. He is starting to look so much like you- especially in that laughing picture. I’m glad to hear he is sleeping so well at night. Ya’ll are lucky!


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