today i am…

Luc- 3 months old

3 Months old!!!


Height- Our best measurement of this kiddo is 23.5 inches

Weight- according to our scale this little bit is 9lbs 6oz He’s growing and looking older by the day however gaining weight is not high on his list, both Jay and Charlie weighed much more than he does at this age.

Things of note-

Sleeping- Luc is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night these days and while this is quite good for a 3 month old (and I am certainly not complaining) Jay was sleeping 8-10 hours at this point and Charlie 8-9 and only occasionally waking up around the 6 hour mark. I don’t think we are doing anything extraordinary with him, nor do we have a special secret although I do think that our consistent nightly routine and his eat, then play (we play a whole lot when I can) then sleep daytime routine really does help.

Luc is pretty much the happiest baby around. He very rarely fusses (even when he is really hungry) and more often than not you can find him happily smiling at you. His smiles are huge and freely given.

Luc has started to notice things around him and become much more alert. He is frequently taking in everything around him (which can be quite a lot) and enjoying the crazy of our house. This being said he prefers to be carried so he can see out and see what’s going on.


Socks- I affectionately refer to these as Luc’s happy-makers. Little boy doesn’t like to be cold and since he doesn’t have much meat on his bones getting cold is easy to do and frequently his little toes are freezing; so socks are amazing and extremely helpful.

Sleeping on his tummy- Shh don’t tell the Doctor (since this is the non-recommended way of infant sleeping right now) but every time we work on tummy time he crashes and falls asleep so much so that I have stated putting him down for his naps on his belly. I mean really he can be awake and as soon as you put him in his tummy he quiets down and falls asleep.

His tongue- Just within the last week or so Luc has decided that playing with his tongue is a lot of fun.

The carrier- the carrier is probably the exception to the rule to being carried facing out. If Luc is riding in my carrier he is usually pretty content and falls asleep pretty quickly. I love using it as I did with all of the boys and it has saved my arms many a time.

His big brothers- He adores both Jay and Charlie. He watches them and listens intently for them. He will quiet down and stop fussing if they begin talking to him and just generally likes being around them. Both of the boys are equally good with him and love and hug on him frequently.

Being sung to- I think this has been pretty consistent with all of the boys but they love when I sing or read to them and since I am not exactly the best singer around I am thankful that they aren’t a picky audience.

Blowing Bubbles- almost all of the time you can find a half dozen bubbles flowing out of this little one’s mouth and while some are quite impressive they mostly just get the front of his outfits soaking wet.


I am pretty hard pressed to find things that this little one does not like however, if I had to pick something I would have to say that he does not like being cold.

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Luc- 3 months

Jay at 3 months
Charlie at 3 months

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