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Luc- 2 months old

2 months old!!

Sweet baby Luc was 2 months old a few weeks ago (I am so bad about getting these posts up, although I do write and take the photos when they are actually 2 months old)! What a blessing this little guy is to our family.

Some things of note-
Sleeping- As far as a 2 month old goes Luc is sleeping like a champ! He usually gives me consistently 4.5-5 hour stretches at night and occasionally he will give me a 6 hour stretch (he wakes up unbelievably grouchy from his 6 hour stretches but can you blame him? He, after all, is starving at that point). He is adjusting nicely to his nighttime routine and barely fusses, even though he is hungry, while we bathe, dress and diaper him.
Eating- Eating is also going really well. He eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day and we let him go as long as he can at night time. I am still using the shield to nurse but other than that we have no problems. He is on the smaller side as far as weight is concerned; he was 8 pounds 11 oz at just over 6 weeks, but the Doctor is not concerned since he is averaging a .5 oz per day gain. He is however my smallest little guy yet- Jay was 11lbs 4oz at 2 months and while I don’t know what Charlie was exactly I know that he was more than Jay (take a look at the pictures below!)
Smiling and Cooing- I honestly think he is our happiest/smiliest baby yet. He is so laid back and easy going and will flash the most adorable ear-to-ear smiles at almost everyone! He is also cooing and “talking” up a storm. It’s SO sweet and also crazy how much he has changed in just the past few weeks.

His Brothers- Not always, but frequently when Luc is fussy he will calm down when his brothers start talking to him or singing to him (Jay usually starts and Charlie joins in). He also pretty intently listens to them throughout the day while they play. It’s so cute to see their relationship already forming.
The Fan- Not as much as Jay or Charlie, but he’s still a fan of the fan.
Facing out- He likes to be carried facing out so he can see the world around him. He likes to know what is going on and be able to look around. In the same breath, he also enjoys the “frog” cuddle where he is snugged up tightly and lying on his tummy on someone.
The carrier- If all else fails the Luc is happy in the carrier which is wonderful since I sometimes have no other choice- it allows me to have both of my hands free to chase/tackle/wrangle the other two ;)
Our color book- Not unlike the two other boys Luc likes being read to; he listens pretty contently while I read to him or the boys. He also really likes a color book that we have. It has bright vibrant pictures which he will look at for long periods of time.
The morning- The morning is Luc’s best time of the day. He is SO smiley and just plain happy most mornings.

Being Cold- This little guy hates to be cold. Since he was born in the summer I don’t dress him as warmly as I did the other two boys; however, he usually has a little blanket on since he gets pretty grumpy when he is cold.

I think that about covers most of it for now. He is sweet and wonderful and I love him.

Happy 2 month old

sweet 2 month old Luc!

smily boy


Jay at 2 months
Charlie at 2 months

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  1. Those are precious photos of Luc. I also clicked on Jay and Charlie at 2 months. And wow, Charlie was a bruiser!!! Fun to see how different they all are from each other. Love them bunches!!


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