backyard fort, phase 1

There has never been any doubt in my mind that our boys are lucky. They want for nothing, are constantly showered with love and attention and most importantly they have an awesome Daddy! The later most applies to this post specifically but the others were worth mentioning too ;)

Why is Daddy so particularly awesome these days you ask? Because after not much convincing from Mommy he agreed and almost immediately started working on their very own fort!! Let me back up a bit.. It’s no secret that our boys LOVE the outdoors. If they are sad/grumpy/bored, we walk outside and all is well with the world again. Because of their love of the outdoors we spend a whole lot of time out there. Frequently, we head out front to our courtyard (such a great area to have with little kids) to play in the water table. Jay and Charlie usually take time to “wash and rinse cars” and basically drench themselves in water while we play. However, most recently Jay has taken to digging and moving dirt with his dump truck and cars. He digs in the flower bed out front, which doesn’t bother me (I don’t have a green thumb or the time/desire to do much with it so it’s not like he’s digging up my flowers) so it wasn’t a problem until we potty trained. Prior to potty training we/I would just take off his dirt covered diaper, hose him off and then head inside. After potty training we now have this…

our problem

See the problem? And yes it is a cute tushie and yes he will probably kill me later for posting this photo but I am okay with that ;) There is a whole lot more scrubbing that needs to take place these days after playing in addition to it just being kind of gross.

So in an effort to refocus this post and brag on my ultra-talented and fantastic husband we decided that Jay needed a “clean” place to dig and hence the fort idea was born. Jamie had help from Josh and George last Sunday with the planning, initial purchasing of materials and building of the sandbox and frame and this Saturday with the help of Josh and Uncle Mark, the cover for the sandbox was built and installed. It (the fort) isn’t finished yet but I am too excited about it not to share. There is a mix of iphone photos and DSLR camera photos below to show the progress and I promise to post again when it’s finished. Get ready to be jealous because it’s cool and you know that you want one :)

purchasing of supplies
purchasing supplies

purchasing of supplies

sand, sand and more sand


Bupper’s Big Guck helped haul home the supplies.truck loading

a very full truck


The fort project kickoff happened to take place on the coldest day of the year so far, hence the hats and jackets.getting started

Daddy's Boy

riding with Pepere


Using Pepere’s awesome nail gungetting started on the frame

framing the sandbox

Charlie wanted to help with the digging. Also, he says “cheese” frequently when he sees a camera now, hence the face.
tiny helper


Trimming some low-hanging branches.nighttime tree trimming

nighttime workers

finished for the night

The day after, showing the boys the initial construction that finished after they were asleep.
initial unveiling


One week later, adding more sand (1400lbs total)adding more sand


building of the cover

cover helpers

Daddy's Boy

finally getting to play!!
finally it's done!!




a few from the phone


When we decided it was time to go in for the night. To say that they like it would be quite the understatement.
when we needed to head in for the night

I thought having someplace to sit near the sandbox would be especially nice and after looking around for a few ideas I stumbled upon these plans. Jamie and the guys took these plans and kind of ran with it and let’s be honest, ours is so much cooler than the original!  Here’s a video of how the lid works so you can get a better idea of how it works…

4 thoughts on “backyard fort, phase 1

  1. This could be another career! It all looks wonderful. How nice to see the talent in this family. How blessed are those two boys.


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