catching up

It seems as though the last few days I have finally had enough energy to catch up on a few things around the house that I have been neglecting (the blog included). I am not exactly sure how long this energy spurt will last; in fact, I am pretty sure that I will be snoozin’ along with the boys by the end of the next week (chasing two littles and baking another one at the same time really wears a girl out). So bear with me while I have the energy to play catch up… I have photos that are too cute to not share ;)

First up, Christmas. I know, I know these are pretty old but the boys were so cute Christmas morning while they were opening their presents from Santa. Their excitement was contagious and Jay’s genuine joy over everything (including socks) is something that I won’t soon forget and probably my favorite part of the holidays this year.

putting out milk and cookies for Santa

milk and cookies Christmas Eve

Christmas morning after realizing that Santa had visited
Christmas morning after realizing that Santa had visited

sleepy happy Charlie

sleepy Charlie

wind up toys

excitement over new books (what he asked Santa for)
excitement over new books

wanting to read them right away

more books!!
more books

this is one of my favorites- it sums up his joy and excitement all morning long
one of my favorites

more presents- cars

more presents

car excitement

a new car

Charlie's turn

tiny cars!

one of Daddy- wrapping paper by Jay

tissue paper- better than the presents

2 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Wonderful pictures of you family. Hope you guys are well. Think of you often. One of these days we will come visit your Mom and then we will come visit you . Love Judy


  2. Nothing quite so much fun as seeing delight in a child’s face at Christmas…or on a race back down a path to mom or dad!! Lovely photographs, all!!!!


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