the birthday boy

I really wanted to post a few of Charlie that I took throughout the day on his birthday- he was such a sweet boy the whole day and I want to remember it, so here it is.  And since I know that you all are probably getting tired of the birthday posts (especially since it happened almost a month ago) I will try to make this my last ;)

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy in the morning. It was really hard for Jay to hold back, you could almost see him physically restraining himself- bless his heart.

Jay finally getting to help

Cake time… Charlie was hilarious with his smash-cake. Check out the video at the end (thanks Uncle Jeremiah for taking it) the photos don’t really do it justice. He smashed it and played with it for quite some time before actually taking a bite and when he finally did it was almost like he was saying “Hey guys this isn’t half bad!  Why didn’t you all tell me it was food before now?”

This photo reminds me so much of one of mine when I was a little girl. I am not sure if it was the angle or what but man do I think he looks like me when I was young here!

Getting hosed off after eating cake- yes, it was warm enough to be hosed off outside and yes, he loved it!

the cake smash video-

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