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Honestly, I am not exactly sure how it started or why but each year Jamie and I pick up Christmas Trees for most of his family. I think it may have started one year when someone asked us to grab them one after hearing how reasonably priced ours was going to be and then the last few years we have taken more “orders”. Let me preface this story by saying that I love the holidays, I love getting a tree and I love picking out trees for others too. Honestly, I usually have trouble sleeping the day before we pick out trees… I think it’s the excitement over the holiday season starting, I know it’s silly but so true…

It’s been a fun tradition. We pick out the trees, trim them up with Pepere’s chainsaw and then deliver them to our “patrons”. This is the second year that Maggie and Josh have tree elved with us and it was just as fun as it usually is :)

Also, I dug through some old photos to find past elfing adventures- it’s crazy how much can change in a year!



2 thoughts on “tree elves

  1. Good job!!! I get our tree from TROSA (Triangel Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc.)…a great and very successful program here. Anyway, they have several lots around town and always have very fresh trees. One year there was a fellow there who named all the trees and would “introduce” you to them….”this one is Charlotte, this one is Fred, and this one is Sally”….etc…and he did it with flair. He has “graduated” from the program but every year I ask the guys to name my tree…..this year we have “Charles.” I always wander thru the “grove” until one of the trees “speaks” to me….and there is always one that does! Glad to hear you all have as much fun doing it as I do.


  2. We love having you and all your elves pick out our Christmas tree for us. I hang the cut off branches on my garage door and it smells so good as I walk in everyday. Love the pictures from 2010 and 2011 too. Just shows how fast they grow.


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